My Plays....

  • "Sand Trap" - (full-length) Drought and dust are plaguing Oklahoma. Sam Young decides he wants to leave the family farm. The same night Sam tells his family of his plans, Genevieve Doolittle shows up on their doorstep. Her fancy Packard is stuck in the sand. Then gangsters arrive with the hope of kidnapping and robbing. Here is Sam's chance to leave home for a life of money, adventure and crime. 
  • "Papercuts" - (one-act) Principal Shoddy is found murdered in the school's gymnasium just as the students are planning a musical performance. No one likes Principal Shoddy, but who hates him enough to drive scissors into his heart?
  • "Roxy's Secret - a short comedy about a mother and daughter who discover a secret that Grandma Roxy took to the grave. 
  • "Long Overdue" is a short, humorous play about a ghost haunting a struggling Carnegie Library.