My Books

The Buffalo Train Ride

Vast herds of buffalo once covered the plains of North America until they were hunted almost to extinction. Then in 1907, fifteen buffalo from the Bronx Zoo boarded a train bound for the Oklahoma Territory.

(Juvenile nonfiction)

Bone Head : Story of the Longhorn

Longhorns were called "bad-tempered gold" because they made people rich overnight. If not for these unique animals, we may never had had the American cowboy or the Wild West.

(Juvenile nonfiction)

Travel the Globe : Story Times, Activities and Crafts for Children

Provides the busy librarian, teacher or media specialist with ready-to-use resources to introduce children to countries and cultures around the world.

Integrated Library Systems : Planning, Selecting and Implementing

Selecting an integrated library systems is a substantial investment of funds and staff time. This comprehensive guide will lead each step of the process.

The Kids' Book Club : Lively Reading and Activities for Grades 1-3

Instill a love of books and reading in children even before they have mastered reading skills. Everything you need to start a fun-packed reading club at your school or library is included, along with detailed instructions and reproducibles.

Travel the Globe : Multicultural Story Times

First edition. Visit thirteen countries plus the Native American culture in the United States. Detailed instructions and reproducibles. Storytelling World Honor Title.