322 N. Country Club Terr, Mustang, OK 73064, US

Desiree Webber
Author & Playwright

My Plays....

  • "Sand Trap" - set in October 1933 in Oklahoma. Sam Young decides he wants to leave the family farm and try out the big city life until Genevieve Doolittle's Packard becomes stuck in the sand in front of their farmhouse. Then when gangsters show up, drawn by the fancy Packard, Sam must decide if he wants to leave and follow the gangster life to make the kind of money he never thought was possible.
  • "Papercuts" - a murder mystery set at a high school in the early 1960s. Principal Shoddy is found murdered in the old school gymnasium just as the students are planning a musical performance. No one likes Principal Shoddy but who dislikes him enough to drive scissors in his heart.